Hello Shanghai!

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August 13, 2019

I’ve arrived in this magnificent city, it’s been a whirlwind from the beginning and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you so far! FACT: Shanghai is the country’s biggest city and it ranks fifth in the world for number of skyscrapers.

City Life: Shanghai is a bustling city full of life and adventures waiting for you around every corner. The popular Bund is packed with locals and tourists and it’s best seen at night when the entire promenade is lit up with colourful lights that engross you all night! There are loads of restaurants and bars to explore in and around the city centre of Shanghai, some of which are very upmarket (usually in hotels) and require a certain formal dresscode to enter.

Food: The food so far has been… interesting to say the least! I have tried one or two new things but nothing extraordinary yet. Common foods here are noodles, prawns, bullfrog, skewered pigeon/duck/chicken, taro (potato like vegetable), mooncakes (only eaten during the mid-autumn festival) and all sorts of weird and wonderful things. I’ll do another post on more foods once I have tried and tested them. There are western type style restaurants as well (these places offer more of the type of food I am used to like pizza, burgers and fries, coffee & pastries) and they also have the usual takeaway suspects such as Burger King, McDonalds, Starbucks (on every corner) and Taco Bell etc.

Transport & Online ordering: The metro rail is great. It’s affordable, efficient, clean and usually packed to the brim. A really good way to get around and explore. They also offer DiDi, which is the same as Uber, also cheap and convenient. The other great thing about China is their online shop called TaoBao- whatever your heart desires, they have it. and its cheap as chips! Free delivery to our school, what more could you ask for? Dangerous? Oh yes, your salary will start decreasing at a rapid rate of knots if you’re not careful! They have discount stores in and around the district I live in so finding imported foods and regular day-to-day groceries is pretty easy, otherwise you can order in food and get it delivered straight to the school.

So far, I have had a great experience in Shanghai. There is so much to see and do, and I usually end up walking around 10-15 000 steps a day! I want to see it all and do it ALL! Knowing some Chinese phrases really helps alot as most of the locals do not understand English. So be sure to have Google translate close by!

So far I have visited the beautiful Zhujiajiao watertown, the Starbucks Reserve (currently the biggest Starbucks in the world), The Bund and a few shopping malls. This weekend is a long weekend and I’ll be exploring more of Shanghai by visiting the Zoo, the Yu Gardens and much, much more! If you’re in Shanghai, be sure to check out the upcoming events here: https://www.thatsmags.com/shanghai

Until we meet again, Ruby xx

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  1. Gillian says:

    I have never wanted to go to Shanghai but you make it look and sound so amazing. Might add it to my list

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