Indonesian Cooking with Connie Snow

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May 14, 2019
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June 25, 2019

If you’re familiar with Indonesian cuisine, you’ll know that a multitude of fragrant spices are used when preparing these exotic dishes. There could not have been a better venue than at Vondeling Wine Estate, with it’s beautiful view of the mountains and vineyards in the background – the perfect setting as we learnt how to excite our future dinner party guests! We started off with tasty appetizers – Meatballs with coconut & soy sauce along with crispy prawn chips – all freshly made by Connie herself. Paired with a glass or (two) of Vondeling Rurale, the team was ready to COOK!

    Martabak Shanghai
    Crispy deep-fried pancake with savoury vegetable filling – Our team chose to make a spring roll like starter, filled with flash fried vegetables and spices – so yum!
    Kari Ayam
    Chicken in a mild curry coconut sauce- Our dish won best of its kind for the day – Result- Succulent chicken with creamy/sweet coconut sauce- simply delicious!
  • Babi or Tahu Base Manis
    Pork in soy sauce (or Tofu) – This dish is perfect for a dinner party as the pork cooks for over an hour, in flavours of ginger, garlic and soy making it juicy and allowing the aromas to really develop!
  • Ulang-Ulang Ambon
    A crispy and slightly spicy Indonesian salad from Ambon – Made with raw aubergine and shrimp paste, this unusual salad tingled our taste buds for sure!
    Dadar Gulung
    Coconut pancakes with a sweet grated coconut filling- These green crepes made with a vanilla liquid called ‘Pandan’, are not too sweet and makes for an interesting, coco-nutty dessert.

Indonesian cuisine often demonstrates complex, rich flavours- savoury, hot and spicy, and also a combination of basic tastes such as sweet, salty, sour and bitter.

What I loved most about the class was Connie’s passion about food and her fun style of teaching us how to cook her delicious Indonesian style dishes. Most of the dishes I had never tasted before, so for me it was a total foodie experience, learning about each ingredient’s role in the dish and how they all complement each other to create a total harmony (in your mouth!) Coconut is a staple in my diet and so for me it was great to learn how to use this ingredient in a more diverse way. Connie believes in tasting the food as you cook and tailoring each dish to your personal preference. My team all loved chilli and we enjoyed a bit of HEAT in our main course dishes.

The Vondeling wines, these were spectacular. The Vondeling Rurale is smooth and the bubbles tingle on your tongue, leaving you wanting more and more! As for the packaging, (you all know how much I love packaging) these bottles are beautifully labelled, making for a perfect gift or special occasion. We also enjoyed the Vondeling Rose and Sauvignon Blanc at our table, paired with our meals.

Whilst I do enjoy cooking my usual South African style food, this Indonesian cooking experience has really gotten my creative juices flowing in terms of serving up a ‘new’ and exciting dish on a weekly basis. Thank you to the wonderful hosts – Vondeling wines, Connie Snow and Liquid Pulse PR for an amazing experience!

For more information and to book your next class, contact Connie’s kitchen on 084 252 4242 or email her at

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